Keswick Superglaze

A Solar PV system is one of the most efficient ways of generating green electricity for your home. It produces no harmful C02 emissions and is suitable for use in both densely populated area and rural communities. It's also silent to operate and requires minimal maintenance over the years.

Joining the self-generated energy revolution has never been easier. Government Feed-in Tariffs which are fixed for 20 years, provide payments to homeowners for the electricity that's generated, and offers the option to sell surplus energy back to the National Grid.

We guarantee value because we source complete finished products and components from the UK's leading frame and glass manufacturers. Every order is tailor made for us in state-of-the-art factories geared to operating in large volumes to the highest quality standards. And by buying in bulk we can pass on savings to you. We even supply many builders and double glazing installers because we're so competitive.